Today is another glorious, sunny day. It is hard to believe next winter and the cold are on the way and the Dedes have to think about their wintering grounds. Do you remember I had summoned them to come back to the house today as I have an important announcement to make? So far, no problem. They followed my request and arrived in little groups back home. Due to the sunshine, and maybe their extended holiday, they were all in a good mood and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

Mouse did a head count and finally she said: “Everybody is here, so what is the big news you have to tell us?”

I was a bit nervous and had to summon all my courage. “Great to see you all back,” I started. “You know the situation. You were worried about the future yourselves. Wasn’t this the reason why you went into your strategy meeting and then to the retreat?”

“Don’t beat around the bush” Smuggy interrupted rudely as usual. “We want to know what you have to say. Spit it out, what is so important?”

I took a deep breath and got it out as fast as I could. “Okay then, in future you have to pay rent… that means you have to earn money!”

“What?” they all shrieked and instantly talked to each other in disgust. “She must be kidding!” “Did she say we have to earn money?” “How ?” “What happens if we can’t?”  “She has obviously had enough of us.”

Devil, the spokesperson, held his hand up to quieten the others and addressed me. “Hold on, don’t forget we are works of art. We are here for pleasure. You are the artist. You know very well as a real artist you have to suffer.  Get used to it!”

“Sorry, Devil, it is not open for discussion this time” I said.

“I disagree. Such a decision can never be a fait accompli!” Devil stood up to me and the others nodded silently.

“Hear her out first” Philosopher spoke up. “Why is your first reaction to changes always a resounding ‘No’?”

“Nobody likes to have such things sprung on them” Devil said a bit huffish, but shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, tell us how should we do it then.” He folded his arms and waited for me.

“I’ve done a little research while you were on your retreat and I’ve set up a Zazzle Store for you guys.”

“A what?” They all looked at me blankly. They are not really familiar with what’s going on in the big wide world.

“This is a store where products are manufactured on demand” I explained. “Artists upload the designs and only when somebody orders a product is it produced and shipped. Like Create Space for books, it is for mugs and t-shirts and such things.”

“So you are not going to sell us one by one? You are going to sell our images on mugs and t-shirts?” Devil asked to confirm whether he understood correctly.

“Yes, that is the plan. I have created a few items for you to look at, but I would need to take some new images. I thought I could start with six of you guys and do a photo shoot today and tomorrow. So who wants to give it a go?”

“Can we think about it?” “Can we have a look first?”

“Ah, what the heck” Devil said. “I was the first one who held his hand up when we were created. I am happy to go first again. It doesn’t sound too painful.”

“Good on you, Devil.” I was so excited that I had won him over.

“I am in too” said Alien. “It is something to write home about.”

“I am a patriotic Dede” Mouse added. “Of course I will join in!”

And this was it. The others tried to avoid my eyes. I think they want to see what the three volunteers will have to say after the shoot. In the meantime here is the link to the zazzle store dededesign. If you are not in New Zealand, you can choose your country at the bottom of the screen to see the prices in your currency. As I said before, there are only a few items in the store so far and I will work with the three Dedes to create more suitable images over the weekend. This gives the others more time to make their decision. Of course, if you have a favourite, let me know and it will be easier for me to convince them to partake.