If the Dedes have an issue, they send Devil to have a serious talk with me. I expected him to come around last night but he didn’t show up. I still don’t know what happened in the meeting and being left out of the loop makes me increasingly concerned.

When I have a problem with the Dedes I usually go and see Philosopher and pour my heart out. He is a very level-headed guy and even though he is only watching from the sidelines he always seems to know what’s going on. He is very good in figuring out the real issues. Even if you don’t like it, he can tell you the most awkward truth and you will still be okay with it. Sounds like the perfect puppet –  one you want to have around all the time. But no, he has one big  downside unfortunately. He isn’t funny at all. Gossip, irony, jokes… all the ingredients that help you cope with life are totally lost on him.

He lives at the end of my garden in a derelict boat and only comes up to the house occasionally to catch up with the rest of the Dedes. But I meet him once a week on Wednesday mornings for a walk. He sort of acts as my shrink. We have great  insightful conversations and then I am set for the week to come, until we meet again. Unfortunately he couldn’t make our morning walk this week for obvious reasons. He too was is this silly meeting. I really would have expected him to tell the other Dedes he can’t miss our weekly appointment. But no, the Dedes were obviously more important to him than I was. I was very disappointed as I had to go for my walk on my own.

Without Philosopher my thoughts were going round and round in little circles and rather than being relaxed, I came home in a bit of a state, thinking the entire Dede World is conspiring against me. At this stage the Dedes were still in their meeting and I went to work and then to sports.

When I came home on Wednesday night they had all left. I couldn’t find them anywhere. The next day Devil didn’t show up like he usually does when there is an issue and it got too late and too dark to make my way to the end of the garden…

What am I going to do? What if they never come back?