snippedy complaining

Snippedy, the clown, also had a suggestion for the anniversary. He wanted all the Dede puppets to have their own dedicated post. A post in which they are described in more detail. More than the two sentences on the “Characters” page, which he describes as a joke.

“This is too impractical” Detail said. “There are 46 Dedes. This would take more than a month.”

“It is easy for you,” Snippedy retorted. “You feature strongly in the story, but for me… I have been around since September and I have only been mentioned once or twice”.

“Hang on,” Devil pointed out. “You were one of the contenders for the ‘Super Dede competition’ before Christmas!”

“Yes” Snippedy admitted very subdued. “But I didn’t make into the finals. Absolutely nobody voted for me.”

“You should have been more active then” Harvey said. “You should have rustled up all your friends, like I did!”

Snippedy’s eyes got all watery when Harvey said this. We suspect it is a bit of a problem for him. He seems to be convinced he has no friends. True, the Dedes avoid him a little as he always tells the same stories, just like a broken record. When he first appeared they all laughed at his jokes. But once they had heard them for the third and fourth time, they weren’t quite as funny and their response was more a cringe than a laugh.

“What’s the use of being a Dede when you don’t get mentioned…” he said desolately. “I’ll tell you what, if there is an opening somewhere else, I will be the first one to hold my hand up to leave! Nobody will miss me anyway.”

“Cheer up!” Devil recommended, “Who wants to have a sour face around!”