harvey angry

The hardcore Dedes put their heads together again to come up with a good idea for the anniversary. They were having a very animated discussion when Harvey burst into the room airing his displeasure about last Saturday.

“How come” he demanded in a very upset tone, “that you warmly welcome any Tom, Dick and Harry, or Lil’ Sculpture for that matter, but give Pavlova the cold shoulder? Lil’ Sculpture is not even a Dede!”

“That is so unfair” said Mouse. “I tried very hard….”

Devil just looked at her and shook his head to indicate she shouldn’t take the bait. Not an easy feat for Mouse as she has a strong sense of fairness, particularly when it comes to how she treats other Dedes.

Philosopher observed the whole scene from his favorite spot on the sofa. “Give them time, all of them. You should know by now you can’t force friendship!” he said quietly. “Pavlova is a bright young thing, she will find her way! Let them sort it out.”

“You know Lil’ Sculpture might be a bit naive, but he talks to everybody. You just have to love him” added Mouse. She really needed to have the last word.