lil skulpture

Last night when I sat down to check my blog, a little voice called out to me from the bookshelf: “Hey, what’s the story with Valentine’s?”  I looked up and saw Lil’ Sculpture sitting between some junk. I have to admit he looked very settled. He can’t hide his rubbish-background. As he is very new to the world I explained to him that Valentines is a day when lovers send cards and presents to each other. Like so many other celebrations it has a valid historic background, but unfortunately is now exploited commercially.

“Sorry,” Lil’ sculpture said apologetically.

“What are you sorry for?” I asked.

“For causing a fight yesterday… I don’t want my friends to quarrel!”

“So it was your rose then?”

“Yes!” he said coyly “But it wasn’t a proper Valentine’s. Maybe it was, sort of… it was for all the Dedes and of course for you as well. Remember, we met exactly one week ago.”

He explained he had left the rose on the doorstep as a reminder of his induction into the Dede world a week earlier at the same place. He is so happy that the Dedes have taken him in with open arms even though he looks totally different. He now feels such a part of the community.

“But where does a little fellow like you get a golden rose from?” I asked.

“It was just sitting here on the bookshelf! It is pretty isn’t it?”

I didn’t want to spoil his enthusiasm, so I didn’t have the heart to tell him he can’t just take things he finds in the house without asking. I will have to leave this for another time.