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Sunday is a special day in the Dede world. Miss Viwi is having a series of interviews about the Dedes on her blog ||::VEGGIETORIA:||. We will be really sad when the co-operation comes to an end soon, as Miss Viwi has done a wonderful job finding out about the background of the Dedes and sharing it with her audience.  L’Artiste in particular loves having this exposure and he joined me again yesterday to answer Miss Viwi’s questions about art history and how the Dedes got their name. (Read the original interview in German here.)

miss viwi: Is there a particular work/genre/era in art history that has impressed or even influenced you?

L’Artiste:I think I can answer for both of us here… definitely the twenties of last century in Europe… the Bauhaus, de Stijl and of course Dada.”

dietlind:But we should also point out, that puppetry was an important part of entertainment throughout the centuries. The majority of people didn’t read Shakespeare or Goethe. Instead they went to the fair ground and spend a couple of pennies to watch the puppet show.
Puppets spoke the language of the folk. They could make fun of the authorities as they weren’t dependent on them

miss viwi: What does DADA mean to you?

dietlind:Dada is an allround art concept of  visual, perfomance and language with a good lacing of silliness. This is the reason why I refer to my Dedes as dada inspired hand puppets.”

L’Artiste:I have to disagree with you on one point here, Dietlind. The Dedes take themselves very seriously.
If they hear you call them silly you’ll be throwing fat on the fire!

dietlind:Come on, they know very well how silly they are”

L’Artiste:Yes, but there is a serious component to every silliness”

miss viwi: L’Artiste, do you enjoy being a part of the Dede community?

L’Artiste: “Mostly yes, but I have a very strong desire for quiet times and I like to keep my distance. Fortunately the other Dedes are very understanding”

miss viwi: I would like to come full circle now, Dietlind, how did you conceive the name DEDE?

dietlind:The name Dede has it’s roots in DADA.
The face collages remind me of works by Hannah Höch und Raoul Hausmann.
By the way,
Hausmann (an important figure of the Berlin Dada scene) was Austrian.
For me the hand puppets are well-rounded artworks in the spirit of DADA. Since the name was already taken, I took the next vowel ‘e’ and voila, my puppets ended up with the name DEDE puppets.”

miss viwi: “Thank you for your time in joining me at ||::VEGGIETORIA::|| again today. Next Sunday we will find out how Dietlind and L’Artiste liked it here and maybe some other puppets want to have a say.