daredevil on framing

The Dedes are under strict instructions not to go on the building site (which is just across the corridor) particularly when the builders are there. It is just too dangerous for them and I don’t want them to distract the workers. But today is Saturday and no builders are around and of course the cheeky little things know how much I like to have a sleep in.

When I got up, I heard something going on behind the closed door in what used to be the living room. Sure enough, when I opened the door I saw Daredevil sitting high up in the framing waving to a group of Dedes on the floor. He didn’t look too comfortable. The Dedes on the floor were chanting “jump, jump, jump….”

Daredevil is not a bright spark and a real loud mouth. You know, he is one of those puppets who, when you tell him you have ran a marathon, he would have ran two in a day and won both to boot. He always has to top your story, any story! Of course the other Dedes have great fun daring him to do silly things and watch him shit himself. He is usually unperturbed and goes ahead with any request, but he does it very, very slowly to give someone a chance to step in and rescue him, before he loses face by trying to back out.

Most of the time he counts on me. He knows exactly when the Dedes make too much of a racket  I will come along and have a look at what’s going on. I will tell them off, they look stupid and Daredevil is saved. His plan worked once again. I lifted him off the frame and shooed the others out of the room.