harvey running

I regret the day when I said to Mouse I will take over the administration of the poll. I did this out of the goodness of my heart, to help out a damsel in distress. I thought yeah, that is an easy job, I can do that! I will only have to look at the results and in the end announce the five finalists of the ‘Super Dede’ competition. Gee, did this turn into a real challenge or what? Now I am landed with a decision way outside my comfort zone….

Here is what has happened since yesterday:  Harvey has taken the lead! Even a blind man with a stick can see something fishy is going on here.

First I had to ask Mouse if there is a chance that Mr XL could have manipulated the outcome of the vote in a devious manner. Mouse said, even though she is not entirely techno savvy, she is far more confident on the computer than Mr XL. In her judgement he couldn’t have done it. The poll is set up for one vote per computer. It prevents anybody from sitting there for hours on end and voting for the same puppet over and over again.

Then I had to arrange a meeting with Mr XL to hear his side of the story.

Mr XL assures me he is innocent. He immediately admitted he was asked by Harvey to canvass for him. The rabbit came across as a nice and harmless looking chap, so Mr XL agreed. He rang all his family and friends and asked them to vote for Harvey as well. He only became a bit suspicious when he saw Harvey running up the road to the local betting agency, the TAB, with bundle of notes in his hand.

Mr XL is an ‘old-school’ man of honour. If he gives his word, he will keep it! He admitted he really would have liked to have voted for his soul-mate, Snippedy, the clown. But as he has wasted his vote (and the votes of  his family on Harvey, Snippedy is still sitting on his doughnut (o). Mr XL asked me if I could help him to set up a blog called ‘I am Mr XL’ on which he can defend his honour and explain to the world what happened. I had a hard time talking him out of it (honestly I am not making this up!)  I promised him I will tell my readers about his innocence and we will leave it at this… we won’t prosecute him (He is a human and we don’t have any jurisdiction over him anyway).

That leaves us to deal with Harvey and here I am at my wits end. It is the first time that we are running a show like this and I clearly hear Smug Little Devils‘ words ringing in my ears: “You are a bunch of amateurs!”

“Yes we are! But we tried our best” I only can say. The decision is still to be made whether to disqualify Harvey or not. I don’t want to make this call and I will put it to Devil and Detail, the organisers. They are of course interested in your opinion.

By the way, there was no official complaint about Mouse. Stepping down from the administration of the poll immediately made her a legitimate contender.

Please, if you haven’t voted yet, here is your last chance… The vote closes at midnight New Zealand time and the five final contestants of the competition will be officially announced tomorrow.

Thanks from an exhausted Poll-Administrator!