Chance is one of my favorite Dedes. You couldn’t really call her a  beauty, and she is easily overlooked. I love her for all the different angles she has. She is indeed a very weird bird. Anyway, Chance has been away, staying in the office for while. She was supposed to charm visitors, but Foxy Lady – who was on the same assignment – made a much better impression. Foxy Lady is quite something, but this is a different story… Today it is about Chance and her family.

Chance is footloose and fancy free and has no fixed abode. So you can’t look her up. You have to wait until she comes round to your place to see you. Now, due to her long absence she felt it necessary to meet up with her half-sister Detail and her niece Minor (the sloppy teenage daughter of Detail) for a family reunion. Detail really hates it when Chance just pops in unannounced. No, no, you can’t just pop in and visit Detail, you have to ring a few days ahead, so she can bake a cake and clean the house.

So, Chance was in a bit in a pickle. On the one hand she wanted to see her sister, but she couldn’t just go round to her place. So she asked me if she could invite her relatives to have a picnic on my yoga mat later today. I love to help and said yes, even though personally I think it is not such a good idea. I know Detail will get her knickers in a twist. Chance will forget something  and without doubt I will hear about her gaffe for an entire week.  I can hear Detail already: “Oh this useless sister of mine, she couldn’t even lay the table for the reunion.” But I stay clear of any family matters; Chance and Detail are just like chalk and cheese and Minor doesn’t really help either. Her favorite expression is “Wha-ever”. (Which, by the way, drives Detail bonkers as well.)

While I had Chance there, I asked her opinion on what I should do in regards to the blog. I am a bit concerned that we don’t get that many likes lately. Chance immediately said, the Dedes need to get their art-life balance right.

“You mean work-life balance” I corrected her.

“No” she said, “the work-life balance is for humans… But for us Dedes it is the art-life balance.” and then she explained that although the Dedes are art, they don’t want to be inaccessible and aloof. For them it is really important that everybody can find something in them, independent of gender, age or culture.

“Now this is a tall order” I said “You will never achieve that!”

“You can do but try!” she said and was on her way.