Yesterday was “Guy Fawkes”, a bonfire night, an English custom celebrated in New Zealand – mainly because it is the only time of the year when you are allowed to have private fireworks. In previous years nothing much happened in our neighbourhood. We live in what some might call a lower socio-economic area (and love it). But recently a lot of houses around here were for sale and we got a set of new neighbours. It looks like the area is starting to gentrify. One sure sign was the amount of fireworks we had here last night. The street went to town!

Much to the pleasure of some of the Dedes, but not all. While Devil, Sunny and a bunch of others ran out in the garden to watch, Cat, Mouse and puppy Lou huddled together under a blanket and were visibly uncomfortable with the goings-on. Mouse pleaded with me to make them stop. I pretended I would do something about it, knowing very well that I couldn’t. But I hoped it would be all over in half an hour anyway.

When I came into the garden the Dedes were standing around in a circle and Devil was daring Daredevil to use one of the rockets as a jet pack. You should have seen me… I turned into a human rocket… This was definitely one step to far. Devil is grounded for a week!

Apologies that I didn’t get a photo of this incident. It was over all too quickly.