Mouse must be out of her mind! I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning. I have to tell you the story.

When I woke up I heard a clinking and clonking from the kitchen and my first thought was: “Great, Mouse has everything under control. I will turn around and have a nice sleep-in.”  But then there was this shattering noise and of course I couldn’t resist any longer and had to check out what’s going on. Would you believe it? Of all the puppets… Mouse gave the job of cleaning my glassware to Push-Push! The elephant cleaning my precious glasses, my heart nearly stopped. And I felt like screaming.

“Get out of here” Mouse commanded when she spotted me in the door way. She was crouching over the dust-pan brushing up glass pieces from the floor. “You can’t be serious!” I exclaimed but I stopped short of telling her what I thought of Push-Push‘s dexterity. After all Push-Push was right there and it would have been terribly rude.

“Trust me and don’t worry. Push-Push is so keen and she can do it….”   Mouse said confidently and added “You don’t get that many volunteers these days.”  Then I discovered that she had given Push-Push all the cheap 1-Dollar-Warehouse glasses I had hidden in the back of the cupboard, while the heirloom pieces were still locked away.

Phew!.. Everything under control! Thanks Mouse.