Devil is building a case against me… He says I neglect him and he wants to put me in front of the dede puppet tribunal. I am not too worried, (despite I am currently re-reading Kafka’s The Trial).

I wonder if Devil’s Advocate will represent him in court.  I don’t know who I could employ as lawyer if he does. Personally I don’t think  Devil has a leg to stand on, but I can’t laugh it off or take it too lightly. Devil is building the case around this photograph he found in the shed. He says it is proof I have taken Witch, Cat and Mouse on holiday, but I won’t even take him on a little outing across the road. He believes I am prejudiced towards devils. He wants to sue me for one million dollars in damages for my continued ill-treatment of him.

Obviously he has never been to Witch’s house, otherwise he would know that this image was taken in her living room in front of the horrible photo-wallpaper Witch is so proud of. This type of wallpaper was very popular in the seventies and obviously Witch hasn’t renovated since then.