My idea with the Chinese Whisper caused me considerable pain last night. In my head I went through my image collection and found, now, that I really had to think about how I can link images together without it seeming forced.  … Then, I couldn’t find the image I wanted to use today on any of the hard drives at home. It is definitely in my master collection at work. Finally I decided to use this one here, which is the ultimate motion picture. It is the motorway just South of Auckland late at night taken from a moving car using a long exposure (I was bored!). I also moved the camera around to get an erratic pattern. I dislike photographs of cars.

The motorway is another thing that is totally different here than in Germany. In Germany motorways connect different cities, so they are a  fast route through the country side. In New Zealand the motorways take you through the cities. They are a quick route to different parts of the metropolis, in particular Auckland. More than half of the not even 200 kilometers of motorway we have in New Zealand are within the Auckland Region.