On Saturday there was a really good article in the local newspaper about How the Web messes with our minds. I should  be careful when I say really good, as we tend to like opinions that fit with our world view. We can remember things that support our own ideas much better than conflicting ideas.

Anyway, the article talks about first emerging research that the social networks can make us:

not just dumber or lonelier but more depressed and anxious, prone to obsessive-compulsive and attention-deficit disorders, even outright psychotic. Our digitised minds can scan like those of drug addicts.

It is very gloomy, more than one in eight people supposedly show an unhealthy relationship with the web. I guess this can be added to the list of alcohol, cigarettes and pain killers…

The article was in the NZ Herald, July 14, A24. Reprinted from Newsweek.