…I have to make this clear, I want to help Lou. Yet, I am not sure how. I have to admit, I am at a loss here. I know how important it is to have someone to pour your heart out to. Lou has made it clear to me, I am not the one he trusts in this matter. It hurts a bit, but I have to accept it!

My reader “Whichwillitbe” suggested in a comment to my post yesterday, I should introduce Lou to Philosopher. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Not a bad idea, I thought initially – I value Philosopher’s opinion a lot. He has so much life experience. But… (and I don’t know whether “Whichwillitbe” has read the book Hermit’s Web, as this is a very big BUT!)  Philosopher is in the same boat as Lou, just at the other end of the age scale. All our friends call him The old Fool, because he is secretly in love with Deutsch Fraulein and he thinks we don’t notice. (This picture is one of my favourites from the book).  I wonder how old do you have to get for this carry-on to stop?

Anyway today is Sunday and Witch puts on Sunday dinner. I might talk to her how I could help Lou. Or does anybody else have any suggestions?

To be continued…