This painting is called “Who is scared of the bogeyman”.

I noticed I have a three tier approach to my artworks. I am hesitant to show my paintings publicly, as I use the painting process to solve problems. The act of painting decelerates my speed. The resulting images are often quite scary. I personally don’t mind their scariness, but each and every image reminds me of the issue I dealt with at the time.

My photography and composite imaging is different.  I use it to explore moods as well as my surrounding and I don’t have a problem showing the pictures, as long as I am reasonably happy with the outcome.

My puppets on the other hand, have a life of their own and I can’t shut up about them (: Even though they are very much part of me, they also reveal the least about myself. Throughout history, puppets were allowed to say what they wanted. I like that! I can always blame the character. I love their fun and their cheekiness. My paintings are no fun.