I have a couple of obsessions. Maybe obsessions is too strong a word – Recurring topics might be better –  Barbed wire is one of them. (I am sure, a psychologist would have something to say about that. I haven’t asked one yet.)

Last year I had a few images on display in a cafe up the road. It doesn’t count as an exhibition in my books (and how it came about is a funny story in itself). It was put together rather quickly and the photographs were chosen by their mass appeal rather than artistic merit.

The feather was one of them. I personally like this photograph, as for me it has a specific meaning. I am pretty sure, if you search through a stock library you will find heaps of images of feathers on barbed wire, some better resolved than mine.

However, I have been asked countless times, whether the feather was already there or whether I had placed it there.

Does it really matter?