More launch images

I have put up a new page on my blog site with some images from the launch last week Thursday (click here). The images were taken by Sonya Roussina. It was really worthwhile to have a dedicated photographer there and not trying to take the images myself or ask my friends to do it.

I am pleased how well the format of the launch worked. It started at 7pm. The puppet show was scheduled for 7:15… I had asked my boss from the polytech, where I teach, to introduce me to the crowd before the puppet show. He was just brilliant. We had a talk for about 20 minutes and I could explain the art background of the puppets and my thoughts behind the entire project. And then I did a puppet show of maybe 5 minutes. Re-enacting what happened when the puppets found out that Hermit had written a book.

I am still smiling today…