With the launch one month away, I started making new puppets. It helps me think. They will be placed on plinths around the room. I just noticed, I haven’t given the measurements of the dedes yet. They are not very big, only between 12 and 15cm high and the weight is around 20 to 30 grams. They look and feel very delicate, but in fact they are as hard as wood.

Currently I am working on L’artiste, Two Faced and Envy and I think the last one will become the Devil’s Advocate.  Seems like the negative traits are rearing their heads now. I have put off Procrastinator for now. I can’t visualise him yet. But I will get round to him at one stage.

I went to lunch with two friends today and, – we can’t avoid it at the moment – we talked about the launch. I did not intend to have a puppet theatre as such, just play my short pieces. But my friends both insisted I should build a theatre too. Another thing to add to the to do list.