The files are gone to the printers – again! Now I am waiting for the sign-off copy. Once this is done, it will take around 4 weeks until I have the books in my hot little hands. One week for printing and 3 weeks for the bookbinders. It is a hard cover book and the sections are stiched rather than glued. I think this is the only way to go for an art book. I don’t want it to fall apart once it has been looked at twice.

Hermits web cover

Final cover of Hermit's Web

Even though I haven’t signed off the proofs yet, my mind has moved on to the next task. Which is the organisation of the launch. Considering the time it will take the printers and bookbinders and with Easter coming up as well, I will try to get a venue for the end of April. The most logical venue would be the library up the road here. It’s a lovely new building, but I have no idea what size spaces they have available for the public to hire. I will go and check them out on Thursday. If the Library doesn’t work out, my next option would be a gallery, but I assume it will be more difficult to get a space on short notice. I cross that bridge when it comes to it.