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Tomorrow we will take down the exhibition. I had hoped our treehouse would be finished by then so the puppets could move into their new studio space. But no, we are still not there… Today the plasterers sanded down the walls and hopefully the floor will be sanded in the next couple of days as well. The picture above shows the view from our first floor addition. Unfortunately a balustrade, that is still to come, will block much of the view of the beautiful trees. I absolutely love the treehouse and I think living for 5 months on a building site will be worth it in the end. Never mind that we won’t be able to go on holiday for a long time to come.

The trees in front of the house are full of native birds and I captured one of our feathered neighbours yesterday. It is a Tui. These birds have the most beautiful song to wake up to.

tui bird close up

Today a little crowd came together in the Gallery to play with the puppets. This morning we had one keen participant who read  about the workshop on KiwiKids. He immediately dragged his mum to the Gallery, only to find out that the workshop would be two hours later. So he made sure he had a place in it and came back at 1 o’clock with a friend as his mother was otherwise engaged.

All I can say is: I loved the workshop! It was a small group of 10 people, and all different ages. Observing how everybody interacted with the puppets gave me a few more ideas. Here only a little selection of images to give you an impression of our session.

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I am back to normal! At least that is what I think :).

Unfortunately I have to own up to something. I actually don’t have any images from opening of the exhibition itself. I took a few pics when we finished setting up and a couple just before the guests arrived. This time I couldn’t afford to employ someone to photograph during the event like I did when I had the book launch. I noticed the gallery people were taking photographs though. I will ask if they can give me one to publish on the blog. Otherwise I will take some next Sunday when I will be at the Gallery all day and I am expecting a little crowd.

The image today shows quite nicely how the set up works. The puppets are placed on plinths in the middle of the room and as artworks they are back to their “No Body” status. The heads sit idly on their custom-made stands.

The images on the wall are from the blog and the text accompanying the image is placed below. I focussed on shorter pieces that tell a complete story so the visitors don’t have to read too much if they don’t feel like it. But by reading even just a few snippets they still get the idea of the puppet world. If you have followed the blog for a while you can make out the image where Sunny copied the artwork of ArtistatExit0, and by doing so created our mascot Lil’ Sculpture. Next to it is the image of the puppets doing a dharna on my doorstep. In all the pictures the puppets wear their robes and really come to life.

I have had a lot of very good comments about the presentation of the blog and my vivid imagination. I am not sure if the latter is a good thing, but I’ll take it as a compliment for now.

The image below shows two of my life-savers racing around setting up drinks and nibbles just before the guests arrived. It illustrates the size of the puppet heads. One comment I get quite often is that people assume the heads are bigger. But they are glove puppets after all. Most of them are between 12 and 15 cm high.


I also updated my Characters page today. I had to take mug shots of all the new puppets for the exhibition anyway. But as you might know, I don’t want to get to close to the newbies. I abstained from writing their short description, even though some of them are really pushy and want to tell me their stories :)

snotty nosed prince

Any puppet troupe needs to have a queen and though my lot have this lovely looking king he is still desperately looking for a mate. But for some strange reason I seem unable to create one :). This one here was destined to become his queen, but the result looks more like a snotty nosed, spoiled prince rather than a queen.

Ah well, the king will have to wait a little longer.

king copy

OMG it is a week since my last post! The week flew by. I have no idea what kept me so busy, but I seem to be constantly on the go. I started making new puppets last weekend. Unfortunately I didn’t finish any. The King really wants get out there. He is already preparing his maiden speech. I hope he doesn’t think it is his given right to rule all the other Dedes once he is finished.


I am really missing my easel at the moment. All my paints are stored away while we are renovating. In the meantime I try to capture painterly moments with my camera.

This here is an extreme close-up of an old-fashioned tap I have in the laundry. It goes with a  concrete basin and I call it my ‘cow trough.’  Two cows could easily drink from it side by side. I guess it has been in the house since it was build in the mid-sixties of the last century and it is so easy to imagine, how the previous owner  (who built the place) was sweating over the trough on wash-day. I am very hesitant to replace it, even though it is very clunky and has a lot of dings and dents. It is just perfect for cleaning brushes!

Set in concrete

I see the writing on the wall. Set in concrete the letter I. Not something I am aspiring to.

accelerated standstill

This is one of my favorite photographs. I captured it entirely unintentional, as I accidentally pushed the release button, before I had finished changing the settings on my camera. But I love the result for its colours and painterly properties. In my opinion it looks very haptic. I want to touch the surface, only to be disappointed. As it is a photograph it has of course a completely smooth surface.

In reality it is a close-up of a steam train at dusk taken with an extremely slow shutter speed. I called this image “Accelerated Standstill.” Finding one’s intrinsic speed is a recurring topic in my work.


A rose is the ultimate token of love, isn’t it? This tatty old plastic rose is a painful reminder of my youth. I personally can’t understand why people want to be young again. All the pain you go through in your teenage years. The longing for acceptance and respect. You want to be different and stand out, but at the same time you want to fit in and be exactly like everybody else. What a dilemma. No way would I want to go through that again.

I don’t know exactly how I obtained this rose. I can’t remember whether I bullied the person into handing it over to me or not. My memory about this has faded, but the pain I feel when I look at it suggests that it was not given to me voluntarily. I know who I got it from and I remember the situation. It was at one of those travelling fairgrounds with a shooting booth. Teenage crowd, typical situation: girl loves boy, boy loves another girl,  the other girl couldn’t care less and second boy loves first girl, all without anybody really knowing what love actually means. Everything happens in secret, well hidden, or so they think, convinced that nobody except themselves knows, despite it being so blatantly obvious.

As you grow older you watch the next generation repeating the pattern. And just like we were, they are convinced nobody will notice. What can the old folks possibly know about the pain of searching for true love. Weren’t they born old?

What is most surprising though, is that for some people it never seems to end. Watch people in the rest home… It goes on, the craving for respect and acceptance and the search for this one special person.


The Dedes might complain about the lack of consultation, but I decided to have one day per week where I put up images unrelated to the Dedes and I am starting today. (Nothing in my life is entirely unrelated to the Dedes, or to put it another way, the Dedes are very much part of my life.) If Devil was here he would tell me off now for waffling, so I will leave it at this.

Anyway, the image I have put up today is from a photo series called “worst friend ever.” For this series, I photographed mementoes of people who once were dear to me, but I have long lost touch with. I have a lot of these (mementoes and people I have lost touch with). The title of the series is of course a reference to me, not the friends I’ve lost touch with.

This little glass penguin is shown larger than it is in reality. It is in fact only about 1 centimetre tall, but it is larger than life. It was given to me by one of my dearest friends when I was in my early twenties. He brought it back from his first trip to Italy. It was an extremely significant trip for him, as it was the first time he was allowed to leave the country after he was realeased from prison. I can assure you this precious one centimeter high piece of glass carries an entire book inside.