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Foreign Correspondent has been looking for Philosopher all week. He wanted to find out what he thought about the political shift we currently see the world over. Philosopher pulled out a diagram he had prepared: “we pretend these dichotomies are the problem. But the real problem lies in the secret motivation for our actions: eat or be eaten. And as long as we don’t tackle overly self-serving behaviour, nothing will change.”



“You have seen many rulers come and go. You must be the authority on the subject,” said Foreign Correspondent to Court Jester, “so enlighten us, what is going to happen?”

“I am an advisor, not a fortune teller,” replied Court Jester. “And I am happy to advice Top Dog too, should he wish to use my services.”

“Isn’t that a bit spineless, since you didn’t vote for him?”

“I trust I can bring more change from within the inner circle than when I fight from afar.”


“What do you think?” Foreign Correspondent asked passers-by. “Is societal change too big a mission for little puppets?”

“Not at all” answered L’Artiste. “The seed of all change is dissatisfaction. We all know there are a lot of unhappy puppets out there.”

“Yes” agreed Sunny full-heartedly, “me included.”

L’Artiste continued unperturbed, “it is now a matter of how we tend to what we have sowed.



Foreign Correspondent interviewed Mouse today. “So, you are determined to publish a book about the Dede’s first year on Instagram. I would say, 700 followers is not really a number that would justify the time and effort.” Mouse laughed out loud. “Time and effort, ha, that sounds so economical and so typical. Look, we Dedes wanted societal change, but the change we’ve got is not the solution. Our work has just begun.”



“Honestly, I don’t like how decisions are made around here” said Monkey to his mates when Mouse had left. “Shouldn’t there be more discussion?”

“Oh’ Monkey,” replied Devil, “you had your chance to contribute. Time is running out. No longer can we be a lovey-dovey debating club. Action is what’s required now!”


Detail couldn’t believe what she saw: Mouse threw Top Dog’s manuscript straight into the recycling bin. “Executive decision” said Mouse unapologetically. She had made up her mind, as no-else seems to be able to make a clear call. “We are doing a book about our first year on Instagram. So, our readers will get a good picture of Top Dog anyway.”


“Stop your silly navel-gazing and lamenting about the past. The only relevant book now is my biography” said Top Dog and he held up a manuscript. “My ghostwriters have been busy!”


Devil, who in the meantime had turned to a much bigger and now decidedly empty glass, was sitting not far from Mouse and Skeleton Edeltraut and overheard their conversation. “But, Mouse,” he butted in,  “that is exactly what they want us to do: continue with our lives as if nothing happened!”

“C’mon, my dear Devil, you never do what others want you to do. Isn’t it up to us individuals not to become apathetic? So, please don’t ever give up!” Without waiting for his answer she asked him what he would like to get his teeth into next: an anthology “Five years in Dedeland” or “The first Dede year on Instagram.” Can you help him make his mind?





“Life will go on” said Skeleton “it always does!”

“It has to” confirmed Mouse. “We have to decide what to do for our anniversary next month.”

“Yeah, time to come out of the closet and dance like there is no tomorrow” sang the skeleton and shook her lovely bones.

Mouse admitted she hasn’t got very far with the preparations yet, because no-one is helping her. Yesterday, though, she put on the Dedelive website some background information. Click on the button “Why I play with puppets” on the front page for a brief presentation by the artist. It sheds some light on the reason for the Dede’s existence.


“Maybe it won’t be that bad. It will be business as usual and I will simply keep my head down,” said Daredevil getting up.

“Don’t kid yourself, there will be a small but subtle change that will affect everybody big time” said Devil sitting in front of a half full/half empty glass. “At the moment we live in a society where everything that’s not explicitly forbidden is allowed. In future, everything that is not explicitly allowed will be forbidden. Think about it. What do you personally prefer?”